10 Reasons to hire from our Virtual Employee Agency

Outsourcing IT & Admin work made Easy made Comfortable and Hassle Free

Outsourcing IT & Admin work can seem daunting. But with the correct virtual employee agency, this can be a smooth process. Read on to learn how My Virtual People can make outsourcing IT & Admin work easy for you.


1. Founded by former Accenture Consultants

My Virtual People is led by our founder an ex-Accenture Consultant. He brings world class skills learnt by the world's leading business process outsourcing company, Accenture. We understand outsourcing very well, and we understand business processes very well.

2. We are not based in India

Our client relationship managers, including our Managing Director live in UK. Only our virtual employees are based in our offshore office in banglaesh.

You can rest assured that you will be dealing with top quality client relationship managers who understand you and your needs very well.

3. No long term contracts

No contracts, no tie ins. You hire and fire your virtual employees as you would a regular local employee in your own office. We do not tie to you 6 months contracts as many outsourcing companies do. We believe in our work, we only take your business if we truly believe we have the resources to deliver to your requirements.

4. 100% Client Satisfaction

Let's be honest, on rare occassions we do get it wrong when matching virtual employees with our client requirements. Or it may be the case that your expectations were higher than being delivered by your assigned virtual employee.

No problem; we will change your virtual employee for another virtual employee if you are not happy with your existing assistant. No extra costs and no fee are incurred. We strive to deliver to your expectations.

5. No set up fees, no initial costs

No start up costs, no fees, no commission. No hidden costs, Period.

The price we quote is the price you pay and thats it. We even provide the tools such as laptop, desk, printer, scanner etc for your outsourced employee to work effectively for you.

6. No HR, No Payroll = less administration for you

Outsourcing work to a virtual employees from My Virtual People is effectively the same as hiring an employee in your own office and letting them work from home.

However the advantage with our virtual employees is that you don’t need to pay any insurance, tax, pension and other costs that come with hiring an employee.

7. Virtual Employees for all your needs

At My Virtual People we provide a range of virtual employees to suit our client needs. We prefer not to be the jack of all trades and aim to focus on a few key roles that we know our virtual employees can deliver on.

8. Time Flexibilityme Flexibility

Whether you are based in the UK or the US. Whether you need your virtual employees to work 9am-5pm your local time or you want them to work night shifts, we have it all covered. Our offices are open 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

9. 3 Stage Recruitment Processitment Process

Our staff are hand picked by our founder ex-Accenture Consultant, Rob. Our staff go through a 3 stage interview process. This ensures we select the most capable candidates to work for My Virtual People and eventually for our clients. All our staff are educated to degree level and possess good English speaking and writing skills.

10. Dealing with a company, no freelancers

Outsourcing work to virtual employees from our agency is a wiser decision rather than hiring an individual virtual employee or freelancer. As a company we can handle a wide variety of services where as an individual virtual employee or freelancer’s services may be limited depending on the skill set.

You also have the reassurance that your virtual employee will not suddenly just disappear and leave you in a limbo.

We could just continue to blow our own trumpet, but we want you to judge for yourself. Why not spend a few moments learning about our ing about our outsourcing IT Jobs with My Virtual People works by clicking here.