Hiring from our Virtual Employee Agency - How it works

My Virtual People is your one stop Virtual Employee Staffing Agency.

We take care of everything for you, and we make hiring virtual employees from our agency a comfortable experience for you.

After hiring your virtual employee, we stay with you all the way as your "Co-Managers" and supervise your virtual employees to ensure things go well for you and your virtual employee and eventually build your own virtual team.

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Discuss your needs with an Advisor in UK

Your Advisor will tell you everything you need to know before you decide to move forward

We believe is setting the right expectation for a healthy long term relationship. It is important for you to know how things will work and get answers to all your questions before you decide to go ahead.

Once you are happy to move forward
Sign our Terms of Business

We don't have much paperwork. Just an Order Form for you to verify, and an Agreement to sign. That's it.

Your Advisor handles the candidate selection process for your virtual team

Our expert Advisors who have years of experience working with Bangladeshi candidates will source the most suitable candidates for you. There is no work for you to do.

Your virtual team is briefed on the job scope

Prior to started with you, your team will be briefed on their job scope, and given an initial orientation so that they are fully ready to get started with you.

Your Advisor connects you with your virtual team

You will be able to communicate with your virtual team in a number of ways. Your Advisor will introduce you to your team and help get the ball rolling.

Your virtual team members can contact you directly to discuss work

You will have direct access to your virtual team. Unlike other outsourcing companies you dont need to worry about losing control over your virtual team.

You start working with your virtual team on the agreed start date


Your Advisor checks in regularly with you and your virtual team

Your Advisor is dedicated to you. He/She will stay in touch with you to ensure everything continues to go well.

You can contact your advisor anytime you need support & guidance

Your Advisor is your single point of contact for any challenges you might face. Your Advisor will guide you and resolve any issues for you. Feel free to reach out to your advisor anytime you need to.