Benefits of outsourcing IT & Admin Jobs to our Virtual Employee Agency

At My Virtual People, we make it possible for more and more small and medium sized firms to outsource work to virtual employees from our agency in Bangladesh.

Here are a benefits of outsourcing work to virtual employees with My Virtual People, simply click on each point for more details:

MyVirtualPeople An employee
No employment contract required
No payroll or HMFIC hassle
No tax payable
No national insurance
No yearly pay rises
No telephone line costs
No computer or internet required
No office space needed
No lighting, heating or power bills
No recruitment fees payable
Although an outsourced virtual staff works directly for you; legally the outsourced virtual staff is employed by My Virtual People. Thus you have no obligations with respect to tax, insurance, employee benefits or employment law.
When outsourcing with My Virtual People you pay nothing until you decide to actually go ahead and hire an outsourced virtual staff. My Virtual People doesn’t charge you any start up fee; you incur no costs when we recruit virtual employees. You only pay the outsourced virtual employees monthly salary.
We ensure your virtual team is available to work during your business hours. If you are in UK, your outsourced team will work 9am-5pm GMT time. If you are in USA, your outsourced team will work 9am-5pm EST time. We can adjust your outsourced team's working hours based on your needs.
You can request your outsourced virtual staff to work any shift, whether it be during normal office hours in your country or normal office hours in Bangladesh.
The full and complete cost of outsourcing with My Virtual People is £299 per month, (typical cost). Outsourcing with My Virtual People will thus enable you to considerably reduce your costs on employees.
By outsourcing your tedious yet time consuming everyday/back office tasks you can concentrate on your core business and focus on business development, whilst we handle the support work.
An outsourced virtual staff works from My Virtual People’s offices around the Bangladeshn sub-continent. My Virtual People equips your outsourced virtual staff with all the office hardware they require to work for you, e.g. PC, scanner, printer, phone etc...Furthermore, all office infrastructure is also provided and maintained by My Virtual People e.g. fast internet connection, 24/7 technical support, office space, desks, electricity, a/c etc… Outsourcing thus considerably reduces your overhead costs, for you do not invest in any such hardware or infrastructure. Additionally you are not required to maintain or upgrade your outsourced virtual staff hardware/infrastructure.
When outsourcing with My Virtual People; you outsource all from your PC. You never leave your country, setup an offshore outsourcing office, recruit virtual employees or invest in hardware. My Virtual People takes control of the whole offshore outsourcing process for you. You simply use the My Virtual People office as an extension of yours. This leaves you with nothing to do, other than working with your virtual staff.
Our Consultants will continually provide support to help improve the efficiency of your outsourced virtual employees. Our Consultants will aim to guide you in outsourcing, how to manage your outsourced virtual staff remotely, how to monitor performance etc
Outsourcing with My Virtual People enables companies to significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and hire scarce technical virtual employees. All these factors combined will enable you to improve your business and in turn beat your competition.
My Virtual People allocates the correct virtual staff(s) you are looking for. You have to do nothing except provide My Virtual People with a job description for the position you want to fill. My Virtual People also provides your outsourced virtual staff with all the required office space and hardware. Additionally, My Virtual People manages your outsourced virtual staff and maintains the office from which your outsourced virtual staff works, e.g. 24/7 technical support. With My Virtual People taking such responsibility, your burden is reduced and thus you need not be concerned with such time consuming matters.
Unlike MNC’s, most companies want to outsource only small quantities of work; between 1-20 full time positions. Due to the time, money and effort required to establish offshore offices, outsourcing small quantities of work is not a cost-effective option. With My Virtual People however, you can outsource any office work all from your PC. Hence, outsourcing even one position is a cost-effective and productive move. When outsourcing with My Virtual People you do so without ever leaving your country or setting up offshore offices. Thus with My Virtual People outsourcing is a realistic and feasible option for companies of any size.
My Virtual People is a UK company, and our advisors are based in UK. Your advisor is here to make your outsourcing experience as comfortable and smooth as possible for you. This gives My Virtual People a distinct advantage; My Virtual People understands the importance of professionalism, quality service and excellent results when outsourcing. Hence, when outsourcing with My Virtual People, you are selecting an outsourcing partner which is acutely aware of your expectations and objectives. With you and My Virtual People sharing the same goals, this will help ensure the outsourcing process is a success.