Types of Jobs you can Outsource today

Outsource almost any Administrative work

A Virtual Administrative Assistant could be your ideal solution to hiring dedicated administrators at very low costs.

You virtual administrator could be helping you with task suh as:

  • Accountancy & bookkeeping
  • Data collection & processing
  • Managing and maintaining online stores
  • Revenue Management & Protection Marketing
  • Incoming/outgoing invoice processing & management
  • Customer service related back office tasks
  • Call center related back office tasks
  • Airline company back office tasks

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Outsource Virtual Accountants

Outsource-Virtual-AccountantsMyVirtualPeople offers a range of Accounting Outsourcing Services, customized to address the needs of small and medium-sized companies. In offering such services we rely on the skills of our team of Virtual Assistants who either received specialised training on Practical Accounting or graduated with a major in Accounting.

The major services offered are:

  • Bookkeeping services, ranging from full outsourcing to accounting supervision services.
  • Preparation of statutory accounts and respective filings.
  • Preparation of management accounts and reports
  • Financial reporting following IFRS.
  • Corporate income tax return preparation.
  • Other tax return preparation
  • Preparation and filing of year-end tax returns and reports.
  • Preparation of VAT returns and reports (intrastat and listing)
  • Filing of VAT refund application and assistance throughout the entire process until the collection of the refund.
  • VAT representation services and assistance with preparation of tax returns and reports and respective filings.

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Virtual Employee

virtual-employee-virtual-assistantA Virtual Employee from My Virtual People is essentially a versatile all rounder candidate.

If you have a variety of tasks to assign to an outsourced virtual staff, then a Virtual Employee is your ideal choice. Our Virtual Employee will generally have worked with other clients from various different industries, so they versatile and able to adapt to your business and style of work as well as bring experience, techniques and methods from previous engagements to help enhance your current processes.

You can hire a single Virtual Employee for instance to offload much of your admin work. Or you may choose to hire a team of virtual employees as an extension to an existing department in your organisation.


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Virtual Back office People

virtual-employee-back-officeAdmittedly Back Office Administration is the largest portion of our outsourced virtual employees. Back Office roles in most organisation are non value adding but essential for providing support to employees on the front line bringing in the revenue, hence it makes perfect sense to outsource work to virtual employees as your back office team. Nowadays with the cloud your back office team in our offsore office will always remain connected to your local office, providing the essential back up required.

Back office roles can be quite varied, it's simply a matter of thinking 'do I need al my people to be physically in my office or can they be working from home?'.

If they can work from home essentially these are the roles for which you can hire outsourced virtual employees. Why note have a chat to a Advisor who will learn about your business and operations and suggest areas you can outsource and reduce your costs today.


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Virtual Marketing Assistant

virtual-employee-social-mediaSocial Media is probably experiencing the biggest growth in current times. With Facebook leading the market, closely followed by Twitter, multi national corporations have all recognised the power of social media and it's ability to create brand awareness, product awareness and eventually convert followers into clients.

Whilst we are not social media specialists, we do a lot of social media work for a variety of our clients.

We provide capable, smart outsourced virtual employees to work for our clients on their social media marketing under their guidance.

Social media marketing involves a lot of repetitive monotonous work which, in our view, is better left for our outsourced virtual employees, giving you the ability to hire up to 5 outsourced virtual employees for the salary you would pay 1 employee in your local office.

That is 5 times the amount of work and exposure gained in social media for your company for the same cost to you.

You as the client will know what type of campaign is best for your business and products, hence you are in the best shoes to guide your team of outsourced virtual staff in implementing your campaigns for you. You will find much of your social media marketing is routine and standardised once you have a set structure, your outsourced virtual employees simply need to implement the set structure day in day out for you.


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Data Entry virtual staff

virtual-employee-data-entryYou will be surprised to learn that our Data Entry virtual employees are educated to degree level!

Yes indeed, whilst data entry is probably the most basic job type we do for our clients around the world, we go further by hiring graduates for data entry. This means your data entry candidate will be literate, well versed in English written and orally, highly computer literate as well as being well educated in their chosen discipline!

You could outsource your data entry work to:

1. a team of full time data entry agents to work exclusively on your project

2. a team of part time data entry agents who work according to a pre-defined schedule.

3. or on a project basis for adhoc data entry tasks you may have.


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Your outsourced team of virtual web developers

virtual-employee-web-designPretty much every company in this world needs a website. Your website is your image, your face on the internet, your signature and your business. A lot of time, effort and skill is required to maintain a website, that include tasks that are repetitive such as uploading thousands of products through to very technical aspects such as designing API's integrating new technology etc.

Hiring a team of web developers in your local office will prove very expensive, requiring at least around $45,000 salary pa in USA. In comparison a virtual web developer from My Virtual People will only require an hourly pay of around $5.49 per hour. That is a staggering 79% saving at least!

You could save an average of $189,000 per year

Most companies have at least 3-5 inhouse web developers (before they learn about outsourcing work to virtual employees of course), which, once replaced with 3-5 virtual web developers would save the company a staggering $189,000per year.

The numbers are enticing, now you just need to see for yourself by hiring one of our virtual web developers today.


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IT Support virtual staff

virtual-employee-it-supportIs your business highly reliant on modern technology? Do you have a substantial workforce dedicated to maintaining your infrastructure, monitoring, fixing bugs, attending to IT requirements by users etc? In this digital age, IT support can be provided from anywhere in the world. With excellent tools that liken to window remote desktop, an IT support person can be anywhere in the world and see the end users screen and provide any support they need.

Monitoring, configuring, bug fixing servers,deploying new software, upgrading etc can all be done remotely. Wouldn't it be much more cost effective to have proficient outsourced virtual employees managing your IT Support for you at a fraction of the cost?


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Outsource Email Support & Chat Support

virtual-employee-chat-supportImagine you can watch every visitor on your website, see exactly what they are doing, watch their mouse movements, where they click and be able to interact with them via chat with the aim of securing the prospective as a client.

This is very possible and we can show you how you could do this. Did you get a random chat message whilst on our website? That was one of our virtual employees watching you browse our website, they probably felt you needed some help and messaged you via chat. It is almost like watching a visitor in a retail shop and having a sales assistant help in getting sales.

If you have an online platform, such as online shop, forum etc, then you probably have a lot of email enquiries to deal with. Why not consider hiring virtual staff to handle your email enquiries?

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Hire a Content Moderator – Content Moderation Outsourcing

virtual-employee-virtual-assistantIf your website or mobile app has a lot of content being uploaded and exchanged by users, you will most certainly require a real-life moderator to check the content exchanges between users.

Without content moderation, the website or mobile service may violate intellectual property rights or contain inappropriate content that may scare away users. By building an outsourced content moderation team around your website or mobile service, is an effective way of preventing any legal problems as well as ensuring your users have a good experience.

One of our first content moderation client was a top 300 website in the U.S

We have substantial experience in content moderation. One of our first clients was one of the top 300 websites in the U.S (according to alexa.com). Initially starting with a team of 6 content moderators, our client quickly gained confidence in the system we setup for them, eventually increasing the team size to 30 within a few short months � providing content moderation 24 x 7 x 365 days per year.


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