Why clients trust My Virtual People Outsourcing Service

6 Reasons Why our clients trust us when Outsourcing IT Jobs

1. All our Advisors are based in UK

We are a UK business with offices in the indian sub-continent. As individuals who have worked with blue chip Consultancy firms in UK you can be rest assured you are dealing only with professionals who understand you and your business. Your dedicated Advisor will always be your main point of contact.

2. Outright Honest - We look after Your interests

When we onboard clients, we do so with the intention to help them obtain the best value. There would be no point in outsourcing work to virtual employees if it ended up costing just as much. Cost comes in terms of money and time.

3. Our Advisors do everything they can to make it a comfortable experience for you

Occassionally we do make mistakes when allocated a virtual staff to you. We all make mistakes now and then, however we thrive on our enthusiasm to do everythign we can to make it work for our clients.

Our Advisors use their own discretion at all times to do whatever they can within reasonable power to support you and your business. Whether it be changing a virtual staff for another or providing an additional virtual staff to meet a deadline at no extra cost.

4. You are an a Unique Invidivual to us

Often with many businesses, complacency does kick in and before you know it you are just another client.
We value every client of ours, big or small. We recognise our smallest clients today could one day become the goliath of tomorrow with our support, and we want to be part of that. We want to be an integral part of our clients business, treating your business like it is our own.

5. We strive to deliver the best service

Our service does not end after allocating you your virtual employees. We are there for you all the way. Our Advisors monitor your employees on an adhoc basis to ensure they are delivering.

Our Advisors will catch up with you regularly to see how things are progressing and see what else we can do to enhance your experience. If you face an difficulties our Advisors are always there to support you and provide solutions where possible.

6. Unique Outsourcing Model

Our business model is unique, in that outsourcing work to virtual employees from My Virtual People is like hiring an employee in your local office, the only difference is that the outsourced virtual staff is located in our offshore offices. Imagine having an employee in your same building but a different floor or cabin with the doors locked.