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Some Virtual Employee profiles


(Managing Director)

Areas of Expertise: Training & Development, Business Cost Reduction, Business Process Outsourcing & Virtual Staffing, IT Advisory, Software & Web Application Design & Development.
Previously worked in IT Consulting in Accenture, followed by a career in Finance as a Derivatives Trader, then a Financial Markets Trainer at Fitch.

" Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Although I have a strong background in Finance, and I loved the buzz and pressure of being a financial professional, I realised the IT Outsourcing industry excites me more.

Taking some lessons from my career at Accenture, I have a created a platform that allows small and medium sized businesses to benefit from outsourcing whilst retaining control over their work. The solution is Virtual Staffing.
I have created a very simple model that allows our clients to hire virtual staff to work directly for them, without the extra headache and costs that come with hiring people.

I hope you will take a few moments to explore what we have to offer. If you have any questions for me, go ahead and use the form on the right.

I look forward to working with you! "

Below are some of our capable Virtual Employees who are waiting on the bench ready to be allocated to a client immediately. If you have a requirement that you think may be suited to any of the virtual employees described below and would like to learn more and ask questions, please fill in the short form on the right.

Virtual Staff Tina Ideal Role: Virtual Employee

Tina has a varied skill set proving to be a very capable admin support assistant. She is always on the ball and excels at her tasks.

Virtual Staff Sam Ideal Role: IT / Virtual Employee

Sam has studied extensively in the UK for a number of years before deciding to return back to the Bangladeshn region. He is very well verse in English communication and IT. Sam is keen to join a client who can engage him in a diverse set of technology related activities, whether that is web development, remote IT support service, help desk services or serving as a Virtual Employee.

Virtual Staff Neil Ideal Role: Virtual Employee

Neil is a very likeably guy with a fairly good IT background. He enjoys learning new areas of IT as well as showing his existing skills in photoshop and graphics.

Virtual Staff Max Ideal Role: Remote IT Support

Max is a very techy guy. He enjoys learning new areas of IT as well as showing his existing skills in web development, in particular PHP, HTML based development. Max is also familiar with other platforms such as Wordpress / Joomla, as well as having a good awareness of SEO in web development.

Virtual Staff Michael Ideal Role: Graphics / Web Development

Michael is a very hard working person who is always keen to impress his clients. He is strong in web design and graphics.

Virtual Staff Shirin Ideal Role: Web Developments Support

Shirin graduated in Computer Science Engineering and has has chosen to focus on web development with a view to learn mobile application development as she believes the future lies in mobile computing. Shirin is a good outside the box thinker with good communication skills and passion about IT. Her salary requirements are lower than that of our standard IT guys as she wants an opportunity to learn and develop with our clients.

Virtual Staff Scott Ideal Role: Remote IT Support

Scott is a very energetic candidate who has worked for our clients previously on various remote IT support roles. He has a strong background in networking and basic knowledge in other domains such as web development.

Virtual Staff Allen Ideal Role: IT Support

Allen is a techy guy with strong interests in networking. Having studied IT in UK and engaged in networking courses, Allen has returned to the Bangladeshn sub continent to pursue a career at My Virtual People serving our clients from the UK, US and EU as a remote assistant.